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Our Team


TRAVELBIKE TOURS "Travel and Tourism in Motorbikes" is a company created by professionals in the tourist sector and motorcycles who joined forces and pushed for the motorcycle tourism. Given the strenght of the motorcycles industry, decided to create an organizatiom that provides services jointly as Moto Tours worlwide, BMW motorcycle rental and event marketing.

The aim of TRAVELBIKE can be summarized in make available to motorbikers, clubs and associations, all the tools or services that may facilitate the enjoy those great trips that you have always dreamed.

Camino Rodríguez, CEO:
Co-founder and Director of TRAVELBIKE TOURS, Diplomated in Tourism by the URJC and several Masters in the tourism Sector. After been working 15 years at he Tourism Industry, travelling around America and Europe, decided with Chema Hernández to found TRAVELBIKE TOURS. When she is not working at TRAVELBIKE, she loves to read a romance novel, walking, ride a mountain-bike or just enjoy a good movie on the couch at home.

Chema Hernández, Manager of Routes Development:
Co-founder and Routes Director and itineraries tours of TRAVELBIKE. He had been ridin a motorbike sice he was 14, not before cause his parents didnt allow him. Already he has over 700.000 kms travelled all over Europe, America, Africa and Asia. With Camino decided to found TRAVELBIKE in 2009 and leave the robotics world that he was involved in. He is 100% motorbiker, when he is not route-leading, he is thinking about new routes and new facilities for the customers and friends of travelbike. When he is not riding, he could be skiing at the pyrenees or performing a Btt, one of his other passions. 

Nuria Viñuelas, Booking Department :
She is one of the Juniors of Team TRAVELBIKE, an expert and great connoiseur of the Tourism World, thanks to its great experience about the sector, she makes that all the Tours go everything perfect. A tireless perfectionist who has the skills to manage any problem that arise to TRAVELBIKE . Enjoys travelling and knowing new cultures.

Víctor Rivera. Logistic Department and Road Assistance:
He is another member of Team TRAVELBIKE. Its veins are made of gasoline. Participant in several times in the African Dakar, World Rally Champion 450cc, Champion of Baja Aragón, Winner three times in a row on the IRC (Intercontinental Rally). He is interested in everything that consists of an engine. Currently, what he likes the most is to travel and learn what the different cultures could offer to him. Also considered as a true Adventurer and passionate of two wheels.

Jose M. García. Guide:
Professionaly, Jose M. is a Degree in Business and MBA at International Business and Online Marketing Consultant.
Passionate about the world of two wheels since childhood, Jose M. has crossed the five continents from end to end, more than 100 countries visited on BMW motorcycles. His last great adventure trip took him two years with Pilar, began on a bike and finished in two. In addition, this adventurer Purebred has participated three times in the Dakar Rally, one in Africa and two in South America. A real privilege to have it our Team..

Teo Romera, Guide:
Travelbike newest member. He used to be Proyect Manager in I+D in new technologies until he decided to walk around the world. He made the trip in two years, travelling in Europe, Asia, South America. Tireless devourer of kms and a great lover of adventure, he used to say that he has a camera in his head, and only runs when he is on the bike. Enjoys travelling and knowing the possibilities offered by other cultures.

Rubén Hernández, Logistic Department:
Another member of our Junior Team. He is currently finishing his studies in Tourism at the URJC. A true passionet of Motorbikes and everything with an engine. Right now his passion is travelling and to know fifferent cultures an new countries. Great adventurer despite his young age. He begins to be a great connoisseur of travel in Europe by Motorcycles.

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