Tour of the film Easy Rider - Guided Motorcycle Tour

Tour of the film Easy Rider - Guided Motorcycle Tour


No film in history has had such a profound effect on the bike as the film Easy Rider ( "Easy Driver "). At its debut in 1969 , Easy Rider introduced a new idea to fit everyone on the free riding of a motorcycle in America . Since then , there is no person who has seen the film has not wanted to be "Billy" or " Wyatt " driving in "Captain America , " if only for a day or two. Forty-three years later , Easy Rider is still considered the quintessential motorcycle film , and keeps the dream and illusion for the person who wants to experience the freedom of two wheels on the road. EagleRider Motorcycle Rental and Tours is proud to have been rewarded with the exclusive rights to offer our riders the world the unique opportunity to make the same journey and the same route as the movie Easy Rider. Our team worked with experts from Sony Pictures and the movie Easy Rider as Alan "Mr. Zipp " Dunn to draw the most authentic route , following the exact route taken by " Billy " and" Wyatt " during production of the film. From the highways of southern California to the amazing depths of Death Valley , from the historic roads of Route 66 , to the jazz and blues of New Orleans, the tour of the movie Easy Rider will make you live the dream you've been wanting to experience since you've seen the movie. Our experienced guides will not only show roads and paths you will never forget , but you approach the scene where the film was shot , share stories told to our team by the director of the film before his death itself, and they will take to places exactly where the movie was filmed. After all said and done , you'll be a true Easy Rider.
Tour of the film Easy Rider

15 Days / 14 Nights
Distance: 2589 miles / 4168 miles
Seasons: Spring , Summer , Autumn
Temperature : 55 ° to 105 ° F / 13 ° to 41 ° C

Two people, one bike 2395 €
Two people, two bikes: € 3,892
One people, one bike: € 5,260

Dollar to euro exchange made ​​on 3/19/2014 1 USD = 0.718549 EUR.

Day 1 : Arrive Los Angeles 0 mi / 0 km
Welcome to Los Angeles , the City of Angels. Take your time and enjoy a relaxing afternoon by the pool and enjoy views of LA before you meet with your peers at 5pm in the hotel lobby. We will take our first drink together before heading to our favorite local to eat and drink. There is simply no better way to meet people who will be sharing the road with you for the next two weeks with her eating at the same table and uncorking bottles of soda. Wyatt and Billy would have done otherwise. Tomorrow we leave .

Day 2 : Los Angeles - Death Valley 292 mi / 470 km
Today burn many miles , but it really will be a good preview of what is to come. After picking up our bikes at EagleRider in Los Angeles, we drive only a mile down the road to the next to LAX where unfortunately notorious drug trafficking that financed his trip was filmed instead . From here , we headed north towards the vast expanse of land of Death Valley or Death Valley . The deep valleys and high deserts of California hold many of the secrets of Easy Rider, and all can experience . This is where Billy and Wyatt began their journey , and there are stories to tell and buildings still standing intact as they appeared in the movie more than forty years ago. Today we enjoy a good fire in our hotel as we share a drink, we heard a few stories and bass guitar full of stars like you've never seen sky. There is nothing better than spending a night in Death Valley.

Day 3 : Death Valley - Needles 178 mi / 287 km
The morning is cold but we started our journey to the famous Route 66 forward , particularly to the city of Barstow as Billy and Wyatt in the film. For those who want to really live a Easy Rider experience, we'll stop on a stretch of road in front of a familiar building outside Ballarat , California so you can take a last look at your watch before leaving in a cloud of dust roaring toward the Mojave Desert . Between Death Valley and Barstow is the wide Mojave Desert , one of the loneliest places on earth , and where there are still remains of the small towns of Route 66 after struggling to survive the great westward migration caused by the Dust Bowl ( " Dust Bowl " ) and the Great Depression . Tonight we will have dinner at the famous "Bagdad Cafe" , a landmark on Route 66 for over half a century.

Day 4 : Needles - Flagstaff ` 216 mi / 348 km
This morning we crossed the river and Needles Colorado River on Route 66 . Can we see the silhouette of the famous bridge that appears in Easy Rider. Later , cross the city from the "old west " Oatman , Arizona, where the ghosts of old miners still roam the streets . We continue walking the same places as we can see in the film to reach the Holy Mountain pines , where Billy and Wyatt denied them a room for the night at the beginning of the film. There is still today the Pine Breeze Inn, famous as it appears in the first scene of the film, and we stop there to take some pictures just before you get to Flagstaff. The neon " No Vacancy " that the owner of the Pine Breeze Inn connects when he sees Billy and Wyatt arrive hangs in a small bar just down the road where we stop for refreshments. You'll experience many similar scenes that occur in the film so do not forget your camera at the hotel , take off the dust from your boots and wet your face before you walk the streets of Flagstaff overnight.

Day 5 : Flagstaff ` - Monument Valley 193 mi / 311 km
We 're out of Flagstaff us north through the lands of the Paiute Indians , where large open spaces allow us a very nice ride. Pass by the Waputki National Monument and visit the Indian ruins where Billy and Wyatt camped in Easy Rider, and the place of the Sacred Mountain location of the famous scene from the gas station . A few hours later you will drive between the majestic stone needles of thousands of feet of Monument Valley. EagleRider has a lifelong relationship with the Navajo tribe, and we will be treated to a wonderful private tour through the heart of Monument Valley ' with Navajo guides. You will enjoy a good bonfire , music and dancing as well as Navajo traditional " Navajo tacos" under the shade of the monuments. It is a mystical place, and the spirit of Billy and Wyatt has never been so alive as today .

Day 6 : Monument Valley - Durango 140 mi / 225 km
Your journey continues today by one of the best known places of the Southwest - the Four Corners . You are in a place dreamed by most bikers. It's really fun to think that your feet are in Colorado and New Mexico , and your hands in Utah and Arizona , and is actually the subject of a photo with lots of laughs when you get home and show it to friends and family. Then follow the path to Easy Rider we get into the sleepy town of Farmington New Mexico , known for its quiet people , stunning views and the halls of the old west .

Day 7 : Durango 0 mi / 0 km
The trip from Farmington to Taos is in a word, epic. The scenery is amazing and you look like you're shooting a film scene . Taos is a mountain town in New Mexico for its rich history and Native American culture , and it turns out to have been one of the most memorable places where scenes from the movie Easy Rider was filmed . Part of the scenes of hippie communes and jail were shot in the heart of Taos. We have the opportunity to visit both sites as part of this epic day .

Day 8 : Durango - Taos 228 mi / 367 km
The trip from Farmington to Taos is in a word, epic. The scenery is amazing and you look like you're shooting a film scene . Taos is a mountain town in New Mexico for its rich history and Native American culture , and it turns out to have been one of the most memorable places where scenes from the movie Easy Rider was filmed . Part of the scenes of hippie communes and jail were shot in the heart of Taos. We have the opportunity to visit both sites as part of this epic day .

Day 9 : Taos - Yellow 300 mi / 483 km
The only thing better than the trip from Farmington to Taos Taos is the path to Amarillo ! Our first stop today is the city of Easy Rider in Las Vegas, New Mexico . The exterior of the jail scene was filmed here and should not to be missed if you can. This is one of our favorite places to take pictures and we usually find a " viejete " from the time the film explain that loves all kinds of stories about biker hippies of the sixties was filmed. If you remember the movie remember that this is the scene where "George" , ie Jack Nicholson, sniffed the first time in the film, " Nic Nic Nic ... Fut Fut Fut ... Indians ! " Tonight in Amarillo do not forget to stick a swig of Jim Beam and toast the old DH Lawrence . If you feel something crazy like the whole team that filmed the movie, you may want to camp next to his grave in Taos. Our last look at New Mexico is just outside the town of Coyote where the famous scene from "If you wanna be a bird " was filmed. Tonight we will sleep in our favorite hotel in Amarillo, Texas , The Ambassador . Our good friends the Big Texan Steakhouse pick us up at the hotel in a fleet of Cadillacs of the time we cook and one of the largest and most good steaks I 've ever had in the great state of Texas!

Day 10: Yellow - Abilene 287 mi / 462 km
The only hole that currently exists in the path of Easy Rider is among New Mexico and Louisiana. The story is that the cast and crew broke and took different routes across Texas and Oklahoma to reach populations in Louisiana where the last scenes were filmed. This approach is somewhat due to the fact that the actors and the team needed to rest for a period of tyranny imposed by Dennis Hopper in the direction of the film . A team had left half of production as a result of his aggressive style and gaudy , so thought it was good that everyone choose his own way to New Orleans. Our route takes us through Easy Rider the heart of the Texas Panhandle and into the historic city of Abilene. This is a genuine small town Texas where will you go without having seen it all.

Day 11 : Abilene - Austin, TX 220 mi / 354 km
As we continue on our way to New Orleans , there is no doubt that we have to include a night in our favorite city in Texas and the world capital of live music, Austin. Our hotel is located in the heart of the music district of 6th Street , allowing us to walk from bar to bar all night while enjoying the best live music in the country. If you are a music lover , you will not want to get on the bike to leave the city in the morning. If you are not a music lover , you will also find reasons to enjoy Austin. There are rumors that Peter Fonda spent several days at the 6th Street on his way to New Orleans and closed two bars. This is really a feat when you consider that the 6th Street bars were open 24 hours a day in the sixties !

Day 12 : Austin - Lake Charles , LA 290 mi / 467 km
Some of the most famous and memorable scenes from Easy Rider were filmed in the northern state of Louisiana , today we begin our tour through eastern Texas and into the heart of the south. It is a long day of driving but the miles will fly if we think what we will see . Louisiana, with all its charm , its marshes , swamps, and interesting places that make us feel like in another country so different to places and seen so far . Departing from New Orleans, Lake Charles is one of our favorite cities in Louisiana. Tonight we will take a local drink, and perhaps we can see the light of the moon if the spirits of the marshes lead us to it. Lake Charles comes alive at night and is really a preview of what we will see later in our journey with Billy and Wyatt to the call sign from New Orleans.

Day 13 : Lake Charles - New Orleans , LA 245 mi / 394 km
One of the reasons why the success of Easy Rider was the fact that people are surprised with the final scene where Billy and Wyatt are literally exterminated being shot by a truck in the area. This scene was filmed in a real road just outside of Krotz Springs , Louisiana area. Today circulate in the same road and we stop at the exact place where the scene was filmed to remember the profound impact of Easy Rider and that incredible final scene in our way of life as motorcyclists . Driving this road is an amazing experience , but share this road with others is a feeling that only the most fortunate we will be able to enjoy. You can not imagine what living who are these two fictional characters here. Soak it all. We ended the day with a short trip to New Orleans ... need not say more.

Day 14 : New Orleans Free Day 0 mi / 0 km
As you can imagine , New Orleans became the mecca for bikers after the debut of Easy Rider in 1969. The famous scenes of the brothel and the cemetery were the perfect marriage of hippie drug culture and pop culture of the 60s biker . Billy and Wyatt lived on the edge and pursuing true freedom , and brought them to New Orleans or the environment perfect backdrop for some of the scenes biggest impact of Easy Rider. Our experience in New Orleans can not be " psychedelic " but memorable. Visit the most emblematic places of Easy Rider . New Orleans is like a living organism and this place become part of you as the hours pass . It is not difficult to understand why New Orleans had such an important role in Easy Rider. Tonight we will have dinner crawfish, shrimp and soup or stew made with okra to celebrate what we have achieved with our fellow Easy Riders. Drink to Billy , Wyatt , George, and of course the man who created the film Dennis Hopper.

Day 15 : New Orleans Departure 0 mi / 0 km
Congratulations on being able to realize a dream that most fans of Easy Rider could not perform. Now what? what's next ? Route 66? Wild West ? Sturgis ? Canada to Yellowstone? It's all a matter of time before returning to share the road . Until then, keep alive the memory of the Easy Riders. Tell us if you want to spend a few more days in New Orleans and you 'll find accommodation.

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