This unique journey in life takes you from the emerald waters of Seattle , Washington , through the visual splendor of the Cascade Mountains preceding promotion to the Canadian Rockies , reaching the natural beauty of Lake Louise and Banff, Alberta . Canada back to cross into the United States through the craggy peaks of Glacier National Park and Yellowstone National Park majesty and his most precious treasure , "Old Faithful" . Our journey ends with a tour of the most spectacular scenery in the United States, Rocky Mountain National Park, before ending up in the city of Denver , Colorado , located exactly one mile above sea level.

16 Days / 15 Nights
Distance: 2748 miles / 4426 miles
Seasons: Summer , Fall
Temperature : 50 ° to 80 ° F / 10 ° to 27 ° C

Two people , a motorcycle : € 3,370
Two people, two bikes 4422 €
One person, one bike: € 5,780

Dollar to euro exchange made ​​on 3/19/2014 1 USD = 0.718549 EUR.

Day 1 : Seattle - Seattle, WA 0 mi / 0 km
Welcome to one of the most beautiful cities in the United States , Seattle , Washington. Enjoy a peaceful walk along the famous promenade Seattle Waterfront, grabs a ferry to the Elliot Bay, visit the Space Needle or test your skill by throwing salmon in the famous Pike 's Place Market. Tonight we 'll take you to taste a great dinner at a local restaurant mythical .

Day 2 : Seattle , WA - Winthrop, WA 198 mi / 319 km
Today we say goodbye to Seattle, the Emerald City and we headed quickly to some of the most beautiful roads in the state of Washington. Highway 9 is a Northwest treasure running through fields of carnations and tulips as we headed north to Mt Baker and the North Cascades National Parks. Highway 9 leaves us in the North Cascades Loop as we head east through what is literally one of the most impressive south of the Canadian Rockies scenarios. We spend the night in the small town of West , Winthrop , Washington, where we will sit by the river sipping a soft drink or a glass of wine while we talk about the amazing day we shared .

Day 3 : Winthrop , WA - Kamloops , BC 170 mi / 274 km
In the morning take a coffee by the river before heading north and cross the border into the heart of the wine region of Canada, Oliver , BC , where we enjoy the quiet roads that run between vineyards. Soon we will be driving along the shores of beautiful Lake Okanogan and its many wonders , Pinticton . As we head into what will be our accommodation for tonight, Kamloops , BC, where we will enjoy live music and Canadian hospitality , you can see the majestic mountains rising in the distance.

Day 4 : Kamloops , BC - Jasper, AB 276 mi / 444 km
Alberta , Canada, the gateway to the Canadian Rockies, is a paradise for adventurers worldwide . This stunning destination in any season offers the best hiking mountaineering , mountain biking , rafting and skiing in North America. Our excursion today takes us to the heart of Jasper National Forest and great mountain town Jasper, Alberta . Jasper holds a special place in our hearts as it marks the beginning of the incredible Canadian Route 93 , also called Icefield Highway , which runs from Jasper to spectacular village on the banks of Lake Louise , Alberta .

Day 5 : Jasper, AB - Banff, AB 179 mi / 288 km
Get ready to drive on a stretch of road that the team believes EagleRider definitely one of the top ten motorcycle routes in North America. The Canadian Highway 93 , also known as the Banff - Jasper highway leads through glaciers and peaks of some of the most spectacular ice fields of Canada. Today promises to be one of the most amazing days of driving your life , I guarantee it. The good news is that if you like, you can repeat tomorrow . Tonight we will enjoy the vibrant town of Rocky Mountain, Banff, Alberta , famous for its friendly people , good food and great nightlife.

Day 6 : Banff , AN - Waterton Lakes National Park , MT 250 mi / 403 km
This trip seems to take our group to incredible destinations , and today promises to continue in this line. Waterton Lakes National Park is on the Canadian side of Glacier National Park , one of the most visually spectacular places in North America. In Waterton enjoy a quiet and serene afternoon and evening in the pristine waters of a lake almost transparent . It is hard not to be part of this place . Soak . This is life.

Day 7 : Waterton Lakes National Park, MT - Whitefish . MT 126 mi / 203 km
What better way to return to the United States to welcome our group with a tour through the breathtaking views of Glacier National Park. Glacier, the tenth national park in the country , is famous for its glacial valleys and rugged peaks . For motorcycle enthusiasts , is simply an orgy for the senses and offers excellent terrain for driving. In Galcier National Park there is very little traffic, especially in the hidden paths that travels EagleRider team . The only thing that can stop us is a herd of Bighorn sheep cross the road to go to pasture in a cool mountain meadow .

Day 8 : Whitefish , MT - Anaconda , MT 240 mi / 386 km
When we left the Glacier National Park our bikes headed northwest toward Bozeman Montana passing through the majestic Glacier National Forest. For thousands of years Native American tribes reigned in and around Anaconda , but today, it will be us who will reign on the road. Beware flashing. You might miss something amazing !

Day 9 : Anaconda , MT - Red Lodge , MT 255 mi / 411 km
Now we come to a point where it is difficult to give a good description of our day trip than to say that we are about to enter an amazing stage! Today our lunch stop is a favorite of EalgeRider , the old railroad town of Livingston , Montana where we can enjoy a good steak sandwich as Montana trout or barbecued fresh river. After lunch we will make a beautiful and easy excursion and start to climb towards the mountain town of Red Lodge, one of our favorites and is famous for being able to observe an abundance of wildlife and its fly fishing. Sleep well, tomorrow we face the Beartooth Highway and Chief Joseph Pass!

Day 10: Red Lodge, MT - West Yellowstone , MT 113 mi / 182 km
Get ready to start what many family members EagleRider considered one of the top three motorcycle routes in North America, Chief Joseph and Beartooth Pass. We simply impossible to put into words what we have today ahead. We'll go to a comfortable cruising speed , stopping often to we do inspired landscape photos and watch the bears, deer, elk and antelope in their natural habitat. When the day is over we will smile at each other and wonder if today has been nothing but a wonderful dream. Tonight we stay in Doy, Wyoming, classical western town that was once home to Buffalo Bill Cody. After dinner we go down the street to admire the cowboys in Cody Rodeo riding bulls and broncos .

Day 11 : Free Day West Yellowstone 131 mi / 211 km
It is virtually impossible to improve the tour yesterdaybut today's route will be definitely a good try! The path to the southeast Cody entrance to Yellowstone National Park brings all the majestic scenery and view wildlife are expected to think about the oldest national park in America. Today our mileage will be short , so we can stop all we want to enjoy all that Yellowstone has to offer to a fan of the bike. Do not hurry , we'll have plenty of time toexplore the park again tomorrow!

Day 12 : West Yellowstone , MT - Jackson , WY 152 mi / 245 km
Since we ran out of adjectives to describe this amazing region of the world . If you would like the route today will only have to remember any of the past 11 days. Today will be no different. Tonight anidaremos one of the most famous resorts and exclusive resorts in the United States , Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Jackson has extensive cattle ranches , farms and famous buffalo herds . Tonight we will enjoy the exciting nightlife of Jackson Hole. Do not worry,you sleep a little longer in the morning !

Day 13 : Jackson , WY - Rock Springs , WY 180 mi / 290 km
Our time together here in a few days to a close, but the scenery along this route is so uplifting and wonderful as the previous days . Tonight is for us to relax and enjoy the company of our new friends. Rock Springs is a perfect guide for our guitars and draw their touch to the group some good music around a fire and under the mantle of brightest stars you have ever seen place .

Day 14 : Rock Springs , WY - Steamboat Springs , CO 275 mi / 443 km
Steamboat Springs , Colorado, is surely one of the most beautiful small towns in mountain across America. Climb through the heart of the Rocky Mountains this busy village road in summer is full of climbers , fans of mountain bike and people looking for a quiet place to aerate and recharge .

Day 15 : Steamboat Springs , CO - Denver , CO 203 mi / 327 km
It seems like yesterday when we rode the bike in Seattle looking forward to our trip. 17 days seem like an eternity but today it seems that was just a second. The path comes to an end , but here's the good news: today we will drive through the Rocky Mountian National Park. EagleRider team can not think of a more dramatic and appropriate way to end a trip of this magnitude with a tour through the Rocky Mountains . Tonight we will enjoy again each other's company in the Farewell Dinner on which drink to incredible journeys , memories for life and, above all , for the friendships that can only be forged on the road.

Day 16: Denver , CO Vertrek 0 mi / 0 km
Now you're part of the family of EagleRider Motorcycle Tours , whose main symptom is that never again will see the holiday in the same way . We will meet for breakfast and start planning our next trip. Now is the best time to start dreaming .

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