Legal notice

Legal notice

Legal terms

Legal notice

In compliance with article 10 of Law 34/2002 , of 11 July, services of the Information Society and Electronic Commerce ( LSSICE ) set out below the information identifying the company.
Company name: Travelbike TOURS SL

VAT identification number : B- 85789964
Address :  Alcala street, 586, Madrid 28022
Email: info@travelbike.eu
Phone: ( 0034) 911 271 841

Data entry in the commercial register :
Travelbike TOURS, Limited company incorporated in Madrid, in 2009 , by Deed Number QM7006636 before Notary María Jesús Domínguez Arcos , the College of Madrid.
Entered in the Mercantile Register of Madrid in volume 27,168 , folio 90 , section 8 and sheet M489649 , entry 1.

This website has been created by the company Travelbike TOURS SL for informational purposes and personal users.A through this legal notice is intended to regulate access and use of this website, as well as the relationship between the web site and its users. By accessing this web site the following terms and conditions are accepted : Access to this website is the hole responsibility of the users .

Simple access to this website does not imply any commercial relationship between Travelbike TOURS SL and the user.
By accessing and browsing this website implies acceptance and knowledge of legal warnings, conditions and terms of use contained therein .
The owner of the site may offer services or products that may be subject to special conditions , as appropriate , replace, complete and / or modify the present conditions, and which inform the user in each case.

Legal regulation applicable to the contract package and acceptance of the General Conditions .
The Present Conditions are subject to the provisions of Royal Decree 1 /2007, of 16 November , approving the revised text of the General Law of Consumers and Users and other complementary laws ( BOE 30 -II- 07) . Law 7/1998 of 13 April on General Conditions of Contract ( 14.04.98 ) and other regulations.
These General Conditions are incorporated , signed by the contracting parties, all package travel contracts which concern the programs / offers contained in the program and force the parties to the particular conditions agreed in the contract or those given travel documentation simultaneously facilitated the signing of the contract.

The technical organization of these trips was made by Travelbike SL, CIF B- 85789964 , located at 586 Calle de Alcala , Madrid 28022 CICMA - 2353

I- The price of the package includes
- Transportation to and from , when this service is mentioned in the program / ​​offer relevant books.
- The Property and / or alimony in contract in each of the chosen hotels or similar establishments or replacement if it is mentioned in the program / ​​offer relevant travel arrangements
- The fees or taxes for accommodations when they are applicable .
- All other services and accessories specifically specified in the programs / offers or corresponding expressly stated in the contract package .

II- The package price does not include
- Visas , airport taxes , vaccination certificates , "extras" such as drinks, special diets, washing and ironing clothes , optional hotel services etc ... All excursions or visits designated as optional .
- Keep in mind that not part of the contract package those tours or excursions not booked at source
- Within the package are not including tips . For cruisers, not including an additional contribution wrongly called tip, whose amount is defined in terms of travel time and whose sole recipient service personnel , for which the start of the journey advises the client to assume the commitment to deliver the completion of travel.

- In general, any service that is not explicitly detailed in the program / offer or in the documentation provided to the consumer.

III- Prices Review
- The price of the package has been calculated on the basis of exchange , transport rates , fuel costs and applicable taxes at the time of publication of the program / ​​offer or subsequent to , where appropriate, have been made public in print .
Any change in the price of these elements may lead to the revision of the final price of the trip, both upwards and low wing , in strict amounts alluded price changes .
These changes will be notified to the consumer in writing or by any means ensuring proper evidence of the communication made .
IV- Special Offers
- When hiring package is made as a result of last minute deals or equivalent in price than the above program / ​​offer, the services included in the price are only those that are specified in detail in the offer, but the offer refer to any of the programs.

4. Registration

At the time of registration must be lodged 25 % of the journey, not considering any square as final until the deposit is not made . The remaining 75 % must be paid at least 10 days before the departure date , otherwise considered as annulled the square , applied in such a case , the conditions outlined in paragraph cancellations . After full payment of the bonds or trip travel documents will be delivered.

5. Refunds

Prices shown on the program / ​​offer are recommended prices which have been calculated based on rates and currency exchange rates on the date of preparation of the program / ​​offer, or its Annexes and hosted at the same deals may be revised automatically if changes occur in the cost of transport , including fuel costs , rates and fees for certain services , and the exchange rates applied to the trip . These variations will be automatically charged to the consumer , unless occurring in the 20 days prior to the departure of the client, forcing the agency to communicate the change to the user, who may cancel the trip reimbursed for their payments, according to the policy annulment
Refunds are coming for any reason , always formalized through the Retail Agency where registration took place , not efectuándoles no refund for unused services volunteered by the consumer.

6. Withdrawal consumer .
Assignments and Trip Cancellation for not reaching the minimum number of people required
At any time the user may cancel the requested services , to be entitled to a refund of the amounts been paid , whether it is the total price as advance , but must compensate the Agency for the items below indicate :
- In the case of separate services : the total management fees , which will be at least 6 € / person and 10 € National / International person to destination destination plus cancellation fees if they had occurred in recent
- In the case of combined travel and except that the withdrawal occurs for reasons of force majeure:
I- Management fees , which will be at least 6 € / person per National destination and 10 € / person more International destination cancellation fees if any.
II- Penalty of 5% of the total trip if the withdrawal occurs more than ten days and less than fifteen prior to the departure . 15% between 3 and 10 and 25% within 48 hours prior to departure.
In the event that the package would be subject to special economic conditions of contract , such as freight aircraft , ships or special rates , the cancellation charges will be in accordance with the terms agreed between the parties.
No show at the scheduled time for departure or loss of services or economic consequences of a non - presentation at the set time will be the sole responsibility of the traveler.
The package consumer may transfer his booking to a third party by writing 15 days before the date of the trip . Both jointly liable Travel Agency payment of the tour price and additional costs justified the assignment.
III- In the case that a minimum of people required and not reached that number trip cancellation occurs, the user shall be entitled only to a refund of the total price or the amounts advanced , without being able to claim any amount for compensation , provided that the Agency has notified in writing at least 10 days prior to the scheduled start of the journey .

7. Alterations

The Agency is committed to providing its customers all the services contracted through programs / offer that gave rise to the contract package , and with the conditions stipulated.
All this considering the following terms :
- If before the trip , the organizer is forced to significantly modify an essential element of the contract , including price, shall immediately inform the consumer.
The consumer may choose to accept a rider to the contract in which the amendments and their impact on the price specified , or the termination of the contract and can then choose from a substitute package of equivalent or superior quality if the Agency to provide or refund the total amount paid , and shall communicate to the agency decision within the three days following notification of the change . In the event that the consumer does not notify its decision as set out above , it is understood that chooses to terminate the contract without penalty.
- In the event the consumer elects to terminate the contract or that the organizer cancels the package prior to departure toggle for any reason other than the fault of the consumer shall have the right , from the moment that termination of the contract occurs , the reimbursement of all amounts paid thereunder , a well performing substitute package of equivalent or superior quality. Whenever the Promoter is trying. In the event that the trip offered outside c lower quality, the organizer must refund the consumer , as appropriate , depending on the amounts paid the difference in price under the contract .
- In the preceding cases , the Organizer and the Retailer will be responsible for payment of compensation to consumers , if any , appropriate for breach of contract , which shall be 5% of the total price of their travel whether that failure occurs between two months and 15 days immediately preceding the expected date of travel and 25% in the event that the said breach occurs in the previous 48 hours .
- There shall be no obligation to pay compensation in the following cases :
I- When the cancellation is due to the number of persons enrolled for the package is less than required and so is in writing to the consumer before the date fixed .
II- When causes of force majeure, namely circumstances beyond the party pleading abnormal and consequences of which would have been unavoidable despite all efforts to the contrary ;
- In the event that , after the trip , the Promoter shall not provide or verify that you can not supply an important part of the services under the contract , shall take appropriate consumer solutions and if you pay the latter the amount of the difference between the services offered and those supplied. If the consumer continues the journey with the solutions given by Organizer will be deemed to have tacitly accepted these proposals.
- If the solutions adopted by the Organizing unviable or not to accept consumer on reasonable grounds, that it shall provide , at no extra cost , an average equivalent to that used on the trip back to the tee transportation.
- In any case, anything not included in the contract package is the responsibility of the organizer , there being no obligation to compensate for these potential costs of independent services in case the trip is canceled
- If the transfers / hotel- airport assistance or vice versa or similar , included in the offer are not fulfilled , mainly due to the transfer provider fault not attributable to the Organiser shall reimburse only the cost of alternative transport used by the client in displacement, on presentation of the receipt or invoice.

Limitation of actions
The limitation period for claims arising out of the rights recognized in the Royal Legislative Decree 1/2007 of 16 November (BOE 30 -II- 07) shall be two years , as established by Article 164 of the Royal Decree .

The liability to the consumer for the proper performance of the obligations under the contract package shall be on the organizing agency thereof irrespective of whether such obligations are to be performed by it or another service provider , except if the failure to execute refers to obligations incumbent upon the travel agency that sells to the consumer or user of the package and always within the limits established in the General Conditions and the applicable law .
The consumer is required to report any failure to perform the contract or preferably in situ as soon as possible in writing or in any other manner which preserves the organizer or retailer and if the service provider concerned .
The organizers and retailers of package holidays liable for damages suffered by the consumer due to the non-execution or defective execution of the contract . Such liability shall cease upon any of the following circumstances :
- That the defects observed in the execution of the contract are attributable to the consumer :
- That these defects are attributable to a third party unrelated to the provision of benefits under the contract and are unforeseeable or unavoidable .
- That the aforementioned defects are due to force majeure , meaning such circumstances beyond the party pleading abnormal and unforeseeable consequences would have been unavoidable despite having acted with due diligence.
- That the defects to an event that the Retailer or the Organiser if despite all due care since he could not foresee or are due

As the limit of compensation for damages resulting from failure or improper performance of the services involved in the package, is subject to the provisions of the international treaties on the matter.
As matter of damage other than personal injury compensation shall never exceed the total price of the originally contracted travel agency in any way responsible for the costs of accommodation, food , transport and other arising as a result of delays in flight departures or returns by weather conditions , techniques, strikes or other force majeure.
When the journey involves owned or leased by the Organizing Agency coaches, accident , whatever the country where it occurs , the traveler is expressly subject to the legislation on road accidents in the nation that halle registration of the vehicle , and can benefit in terms of personal injury is concerned, to secure the same in accordance with the relevant table of allowances provided for that purpose and under which such compensation would be paid to stakeholders, beneficiaries or their legal representatives in the country of registration of the vehicle and in precisely the same legal currency .

10. Delimitation of the Combined Services Travel
I- Air Travel
In air travel , the presentation will be made at the airport at least an hour and a half in advance of the official departure time and in any case strictly follow the specific recommendations indicating travel documentation .
II -Hotels
- The quality and content of the services provided by the hotel will be determined by the official tourist category , if any , assigned by the competent authority of their country. The regular schedule for arrival and departure hotels is based on the first and last service that the user will use . As a general rule and unless otherwise expressly agreed in the house contract , the rooms may be used after 14 hours of arrival and must be vacated by 12 noon on the day of departure. When the service contract does not include the permanent support and guidance in the event that the user provides his arrival at hotel / apartment booked dates or times other than those outlined , it is necessary to avoid problems and misunderstandings , communicate as early possible that circumstance to the Agency or the hotel directly , as appropriate .
- When travelers request, prior payment, Supplements not be definitively confirmed by the Organizing Agency , such as providing single room , sea view , private bathroom, etc. , and these can not be provided , the organizing agency . not incur more liability to refund the amount paid for such services, the traveler will receive at the end of the trip.
III- Apartments
Upon booking, the customer is fully and exclusively responsible for declaring the correct number of people to occupy the apartment , omitting children whatever their age.
It is noted that the administration of the apartment can legally refuse to admit the entry of those persons not declared , not having any claims in this cause.
IV- Children
Given the diversity of treatments for children, depending on their age , the service provider and the date of travel, it is recommended to always check the scope of the special conditions that exist.

11. Luggage
The traveler's baggage is not subject to land contract , deemed for all purposes that it keeps him whatever part of the vehicle to be moved and transported at the risk of the traveler, the Organizing Agency must come to answer for the loss or damage that it may suffer during the trip for any reason , recommending to all customers who are present in all manipulations of loading and unloading of luggage . In air transport luggage , we refer to the conditions of the airlines under IATA .

On all trips , S. L. Travelbike included in the contract documentation package ' . The failure to return signed by the client implies acceptance. All visitors, without exception, must have all their personal and family documentation , is passport or ID card , according to the laws of the country or countries visited . Will be borne by them when traveling so it require obtaining visas, vaccination certificates, etc. . If rejected by any authority for granting visas for particular causes of the client, or be refused entry into the country because they lack the requirements imposed , or default on the passport or not to carry it, the Organizing Agency assumes responsibility for events of this nature , by the traveler being any expense arising , apply in such circumstances the conditions and standards established for cases of annulment or withdrawal of voluntary services.
For any information, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has a special service recommendations will be available through the website http://www.mae.es

13 .
The validity of the program / offer from 01/04/2010 to 31/05/2016 will be binding on the Organizing Agency during this period. However, they will be valid when this information changes have been made to the consumer before the contract is concluded , or modifications have been agreed between the contracting parties .

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