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We are specialized in making Motorcycle Tours and Rental Company. It was created in 2009 in order to organize trips by Motorcycle Bikers. We strive to get the best value for prize-quality and make the Tours the most attractive, entertained and allow us to enjoy a trip that becomes part of our/yours best memories. They have been hundreds of amateur bikers that travelled with us, always running according to their own comments with a very high degree of satisfaction and in many case, besides being customers as part of our group friends.
We plan routes for our customers to enjoy the ride in Moto and countries and roads that we travel.

About us:
We are a group of people in love with the motorbikes and his feelings, and we cannot imagine any better to travel by motorcycle to visit your favorites or dreamed places, thts why we star TRAVELBIKE TOURS. We think that there are may people like us that  loves to ride and feel the bike when you are travelling, things that you can only imagine when you do that.

How many bikes are integrated in each TRAVELBIKE TOURS?
In all our guided Tours, are formed by a guide and a minimum of 4 motorbikes and 10-12 maximum. If the number of bikes is morethan 12, we create another group with another Route-leader.

What distance is traveled by motorcycle in every stage of the Tours?
We run, on average, between 200 and 300 kms per day depending on the Tour. Although the distance is important, sometimes its not a valid reference, 6 to 8 hours per day, because the speed of the stage depends on each Tour. Taking into account mainly the time of departure and arrival of the stages according to the places that we visit.

What about the insurance on the Tour?
All of ours tours have included travel assistance insurance, usually RACE (Real automóvil Club de España), being essential to have vehicle insurance green card. The trip cancellation insurance always have to hire apart and has a small charge.

Briefing information is given in Tours?
Yes, the first day of trip, we make a little briefing about the trip, driving rules, stages, paths, etc. We take the opportunity to introduce all participants. In addition, every afternoon after ariving at the hotel, we try to explain the next day route, places that we visit, roads that we run, weather conditions...

What are the requirements about the motorcycle experience?
There are different main levels of Tours. TRAVELBIKE always advised to the customers on the level that you can affort to each tour. That thinked to you to enjoy better the experience of travel by motorcycle. All trips are classified by levels of driving LOW, MEDIUM or HIGH. May be different levels in each group.

Is it possible that the passengers can travel stages in the support / assistance vehicle?
Yes, among other thing, we support our vehicle in most of the tours, considering how many seats could be available.

Could people in the trip who dont drive motorcycles may also participate?
Yes, in the support vehicle, with an advance request and confirmation by TRAVELBIKE TOURS.

Rest days in Route stage?
Rest days are held in towns / cities especially attractive, where we usually make visits to interestings and the most attractives places to visit. In most tours, an optional excursion are make the rest day for all those want to keep riding a motorcycle.

Can I participate in a Tour with my own Bike?
Yes, in TRAVELBIKE can participate anyone that have 650cc motorbike, with at least 140 km/h and 250kms of autonomy.

How many baggage can i take?
 Normally whenever we have support vehicle, a meidum suitcase or bag per person, in case of not carrying vehicle support, the ability to have the motorcycle, suitcases, knapsacks or bags.

What data is required?
-EUROPE: the passport is not required  for participants from EU countries, however it is recommended to dispose of them. For participants from countries outside the EU, it is compulsorily required to carry a passport.
-In all trips made or elpase in whole or part, outside the EU all participant need a passport valid for at least 6 months or corresponding visas.
-Driving license motorcycle: For EU citizens, the license is valid in all member states, Turkey and Morocco, for all other nationalities must have international drivers license. For citizens outside the EU is required international drivers license in each country can issue the Automobile Club or the ministry concerned.
In all cases both the passport and driving license must be valid. 
Always indicate the nationality when booking the Tour, because there are countries that can claim use any visa for entry.

Rider and passenger equipment ?
In all TRAVELBIKE TOURS is required: HELMET, GLOVES, PROTECTIVE CLOTHING TO RIDE SAFE, like leather or cordura type proteccion, BOOTS and WETSUIT.

How much money will i need during the trip?
Depending on the tour and the time of the tour, in somes are included breakfast and dinner, and in the others only the breakfast. Do not worry, a few days before the start, the organization will send you the info with the approximate amount of money that you will need in the tour for meals, gasoline, etc.. Having an extra if you want to buy souvenirs os gifts.

Why are not included local rates of hotels in the tours?
It is a type of local tax, which increase depending on the dates and it is not an exactly cuantity. They changes constantly every hotel or every city. thats why we prefer not to include it on the prizes of the tours. In fact, in Morocco, hole rates are included.

Why we dont include the parking prizes or tourist sites on the tour?
Most of the hotels where we are going to be, includes parking, but some are paid or independent management of the hotel, there are many variations of prices in different dates, fairs, etc..
We prefer like int the local rates, not to include it.

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